In a week from today, it's going to Thanksgiving. It only seemed appropriate to help you realize how many ways being thankful is beneficial to both you and your small business.

  1. Saying thanks shows your customers that you care.
  2. When you show you care, it shows that you realize that they could have chosen to get your service or product from anywhere else.
  3. Saying thank you gives you a good reputation.
  4. You seem presumptuous if you don't say thank you.
  5. Saying thank you is polite.
  6. People like it when you are polite.
  7. Saying thank you will psychologically make you feel more thankful.
  8. Being thankful makes you appreciate what you have much more.
  9. Customers like feeling appreciated.
  10. Saying thank you is not hard.
  11. Saying thank you is not expensive.
  12. You can say thank you for the smallest of things and it will only make people smile.
  13. Saying thank you acknowledges that you are nothing without the people who support your business.
  14. Saying thank you can be done in many different ways.
  15. Saying thank you with words shows that you're not afraid to show your appreciation in person.
  16. Saying thank you with a customer loyalty benefit shows that you are not afraid to show your gratitude by returning a favor.
  17. Providing a loyalty benefit shows that you've really thought about how to show your thankfulness in a mutually beneficial way.
  18. Customers respond well to loyalty benefits as a form of saying thank you.
  19. When you say thank you, it opens the conversation to get constructive feedback. "Thank you, what can we do better next time?"
  20. Saying thank you establishes a relationship.
  21. Relationships, when treated with care, can last a long time.
  22. Long time customers are the most valuable to any business (finding new customers is expensive).
  23. Saying thank you can turn a customer's bad mood into a good mood.
  24. Remembering that a transaction put them in a good mood increases the chance of a return purchase.
  25. You can say thank you with a handwritten note, which is inexpensive but very personal.
  26. Personal touches are a great way to care for those long term relationships.
  27. Thank you can be said immediately after a purchase.
  28. Thank you can be said months after a purchase, even if you said it already at the original time of purchase.
  29. Thank you never loses its value.
  30. By saying thank you at every opportunity, you will get better at saying it right.
  31. Saying thank you will make you realize how much others help you in your journey to success.
  32. Not saying thank you will build resentment from your customer, whether they realize it consciously or not.
  33. Saying thank you will make you stand out among other businesses.
  34. Saying thank you again later will remind the customer that you are there.
  35. Saying thank you again later will remind the customer that you provided a pleasant experience.
  36. A real thank you is generally unexpected.
  37. Receiving unexpected VIP treatment is something for a customer to talk to friends about.
  38. Saying thank you shows the care that you put into your business.
  39. Customers like to know that they are supporting a business that cares about more than weaseling money out of them.
  40. Receiving a thank you note after the fact shows that they were still being thought of kindly.
  41. People like to be thought of kindly.
  42. Not saying thank you indicates that you are ungrateful.
  43. People do not like being treated with ingratitude.
  44. Quality of service goes a long way.
  45. Thank you can be said publicly, shining a spotlight of gratitude on a customer.
  46. People like to be recognized for doing something good (and sometimes that spotlight will genuinely help their own cause, which is even better - supporting those who help you is ideal).
  47. People who like to be recognized for good deeds may see another customer being highlighted and decide they'd like to be highlighted too.
  48. There are endless ways to say thank you, making it a goal to say it a new way every day will open new doors for you.
  49. Saying thank you makes you a grateful business.

One last thing: Thank you.

...I figure now would be an right time to tell you how much I appreciate you as a reader.

As you know, [I just quit my job]({{ site.url }}/fired-boss "I Just Fired My Boss …And I’m Introducing Small Business Chats") to help you and your small business become a rockstar. You could read anybody else's blog. You could find the information I have to offer somewhere else. I'm not the only one who knows what I know. (And there will always be people who are smarter than me.)

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Yet, you spend the time here on my blog every week, because you are that awesome.

For one reason or another you've decided that I'm the one who can help you figure out what you need to know.

(I hope that it's because you believe in my passion and share my idea that small businesses should be able to succeed and allow each of us to live a life that we love.)

I am extremely grateful and will be forever in your debt because without you, I wouldn't have a flying chance to make any difference. Every time you read my post, every time you share a video, every time you mention me in a Tweet, it truly makes me smile on the inside.

I wish that I could give you a hug every time I see that you invested any amount of time to help me out, chat with me or whatever else that we do.

So, thank you for being you. Thank you for being awesome.

Please, tell me how I can keep helping you.