7 November, 2023

Configuring Gatsby to Allow Draft Posts

Written by Anne Dorko

Gatsby does not natively support a draft status for writing and publishing posts. Here is my folder-based solution for managing drafts on a Gatsby blog.

If you're getting started with Strapi v4 + Gatsby v4, some components fields might not be showing up in your GraphQL queries. Here's how I got them working.

7 April, 2016

Stupid Simple Jekyll Deployment

Written by Anne Dorko

Here’s how I got Jekyll deployment working with a single bash command, all without complicated configurations or plugins.

7 April, 2016 · Last updated 25 April, 2016

Free SSL Certificates: A Beginner’s Guide to Installing LetsEncrypt on a CentOS VPS

Written by Anne Dorko

Run your own VPS, but have avoided installing your own SSL certificates? Stop that. Here’s how to get the job done, easy.

26 March, 2016 · Last updated 1 November, 2023

Structure & Clean Your WordPress Plugin Like the Pros

Written by Anne Dorko

With WordPress powering 43% of the internet, you may find yourself entertaining the idea of developing your own plugin. Here's how to not suck at it.

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