5 October, 2010

New Motto for Life: Plan Less, Do More

Written by Anne Dorko

Platt College does their best to bring in inspirational designers from around the world. Recently, Fabio Sasso gave us an amazing presentation about how he founded Abduzeedo.

Making a fun and unique Twitter icon is easy! Here's how I made my first Twitter icon.

8 October, 2009 · Last updated 5 November, 2023

Setting up WordPress as a Dictionary Site With or Without Special Plugins

Written by Anne Dorko

It's easier than you think to use WordPress to build your own dictionary website. This is how I built mine the first time around.

23 July, 2009 · Last updated 8 November, 2023

Toggle (Enable and Disable) a Form Field With a Checkbox: JavaScript 101

Written by Anne Dorko

At some point I needed a form field disabled by a checkbox. Here's how I did it.

14 July, 2009

3 Simple Free Fonts You Should Be Using

Written by Anne Dorko

Choosing fonts is never an easy task, but it's always good practice to use clean, classic fonts that stand the test of time.

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